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Helping Americans 

When water wells run dry, we are here to help.

Droughts impact many Americans

US Drought Monitor

The US is facing unprecedented drought and mega drought conditions. 

"The American West May Be Entering a ‘Megadrought’ Worse Than Any in Historical Record"

-Smithsonian Magazine

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Although surface water is seen and felt, groundwater plays an extremely important role in water resources. While the two vary greatly in volume, they are linked - when one is overdrawn, it drastically impacts the other - resulting in significant loss of water supply, damage to the environment, and other negative consequences. These implications reverberate throughout our habitats, throughout our communities, and impact our families. 


We help families and communities struggling with groundwater shortages

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How We Help

The science of groundwater is inherently complex making each groundwater issue site-specific and unique.


We offer a variety of assistance to help resolve groundwater shortages and provide emergency supplies to those in immediate need. 

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