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About Us

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Our Story

The idea for American Aquifers started in 2018, and born in 2021, when it became apparent that resources, for those which rely on groundwater as a means of survival, are difficult to quickly access when groundwater begins to disappear.


At American Aquifers our vision is to help families, communities, and aquatic habitats struggling with groundwater scarcity, dry wells, and lack of groundwater, plus provide a resource for all groundwater-related needs


Groundwater is a historically undervalued resource. With increasing temperatures and wide-spread droughts persisting for many years, the need to improve our understanding of groundwater, its use, and its connection to our communities and our environment grows everyday.


We aim to tackle these issues with education, science, and financial support for all those whose quality of life depends on groundwater now and in the future.

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Every Drop Counts

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