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American Aquifers

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Our goal at American Aquifers is to protect our aquifers and to educate, support, and advocate for sustainable groundwater use through community outreach, data collection, and scientific research.

We provide help and financial assistance to those struggling with groundwater issues, and we strive to be a resource for all those that depend on groundwater. If you need help, please contact us here. Or, if you would like to get involved, click here

Trees and Mountains

Why are we so sick?

A special report on the Pacific Northwest's only depleted natural gas storage reservoir located in Columbia County, Oregon. 

American Aquifers is proud to announce its new collaboration with Ocean 2 Aquifer


O2A brings awareness around the health of our natural waterways and the aquifers, oceans and ecosystems we rely on for life and assists and advocates for equal access to clean water for all.

Meet the artist Steve Wright, and see his progress for an upcoming Salmon Sculpture!


Meet Dexter the Dungeness Crab

"Microplastics have been documented across the global oceans as an ubiquitous pollutant. Found in the water column, sediment, shorelines, estuaries, freshwater streams and rivers along with terrestrial soils, flora and fauna" (Horn, 2021)

American Aquifers

Our mission is to protect and promote sustainable groundwater use through research, community outreach, and by educating, assisting, and advocating for those whose quality of life depends on groundwater.

American Aquifers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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USGS Study
Groundwater Facts:

Groundwater provides drinking water for 115 million people in the United States 

Groundwater and surface water interact; when one is depleted, the other is likely impacted

Groundwater depletion reduces water availability for people and the environment


Photo Credit: USGS

"A Third of US Faces Drought"

-NASA, 2020

Photo Credit: NASA

Need Help?

We help families and others struggling with groundwater shortages.

Please contact us at:


Or use the form below

"Groundwater declined over the Southern US for the last decade" 

-NOAA, 2021

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How do we protect aquifers and keep groundwater flowing?

We’ve been pumping water from aquifers for thousands of years. Yet as technology improves and population continues to grow, our ability to pump more water - faster - increases, and so does our need for it, yet our ability to properly monitor it is still heavily lacking.


A cycle exists which prevents stability for those that rely on groundwater for survival. 

To learn more, read here.

Help support the need for sustainable and secure groundwater resources for all. 

Donate Today

Every dollar donated goes to help communities, families, farmers, habitats, and others suffering from a lack of sufficient groundwater.

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At American Aquifers, we believe the better we understand groundwater resources, the more we can protect it, the better we can use it, and the greater it will benefit our environment and our families for generations to come.

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