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Our Team

Photo Credit: Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Meet Our Team


Outreach Director

Brandon Camporine



Maria Gibson, PhD



Marli Miller, PhD



Nora Boylan


After years of working in the public service industry, Brandon is thrilled to be able to realize his passion for the environment through his work with American Aquifers. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, he has now laid down roots in the PNW, a place he plans to call home forever. His desire to help the planet began at a very young age, where as a boy scout he volunteered for litter clean ups and tree planting excursions. He went vegetarian at the age of 11 and has long had a love for animals. Before making his final move to Washington state, he spent several months volunteering at an animal rescue in California that was often a victim of water shortages necessary for cleaning and providing drinking water. This opened his eyes to the seriousness of our current situation, and when the opportunity presented itself for him to help, he jumped at the chance. With American Aquifers by his side, he hopes to make a difference not just for the planet, but for the people trying to make it on this planet as well. When he’s not working towards a better future for all, he can be found staring at his ever-expanding 1980’s horror VHS collection, cooking up something new in the kitchen, or out in nature with his dogs.

Brandon Camporine

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Maria Daugherty, PhD

Maria Daugherty (Gibson) holds a PhD in Water Resources Science from Oregon State University where she focused on hydrogeology, managed aquifer recharge, and decision analyses. She also earned a certificate in Water Conflict Management and Transformation. Groundwater and Managed Aquifer Recharge are Maria's passions - they combines geology, water, and the human component often overlooked in science.  It allows for examination of the unseen, coupled with the need to improve water security.


Maria also works part-time at EA Engineering, Science, and Technology where she enjoys working with stakeholders to write proposals, develop decision analyses for contaminated sites, and develop platforms for groundwater data accessible to the public. 

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As a geologist, I conduct field research--mostly in Death Valley, California-- and teach a variety of courses at the University of Oregon. As a photographer, I shoot geological and other natural science images, which I contribute to textbooks, websites, and teaching collections.

I'm very involved with reaching out to the public with geology and give a lot of slideshow/lectures about the Pacific Northwest. These talks stem from my books, Oregon Rocks! (2021) Roadside Geology of Washington, 2ed, with Darrel Cowan (2017), and Roadside Geology of Oregon, 2ed (2014), all published by Mountain Press in Missoula. Before that, I completed the 3rd edition of Geology of Death Valley National Park, with Lauren Wright, published by Kendall-Hunt, Dubuque.

Please take a look at my website, which has an array of freely downloadable images for teaching purposes.

Marli Miller, PhD

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Nora Boylan

Nora brings a strong foundation in both geology and hydrology with an interest in their intersection surrounding ecological restoration. Her previous consulting experience focused on environmental remediation, specifically groundwater and soil in urban areas. In graduate school, Nora moved more towards restoration work with a master’s thesis concerning large wood restoration and its connection to alluvial aquifer storage. She has also worked extensively on managed aquifer recharge, mainly its potential in specific geologic and climatic environments.

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Every Drop Counts

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